Jeannette Lindgren, Caregiver Counselor 

Jeannette image
For ten years my sister and I owned two residential care homes and provided for the resident’s needs. At the time, Assisted Living was in its infancy, and those who needed assistance had one option, which was to go to a nursing home. Seeing limited options for seniors who had basic needs such as nutritious meals, a safe and clean place to live, a way to maintain their autonomy, help navigating their health care and managing medications. We purchased two older homes to provide another option in our community. Our homes had a “homey” atmosphere with freedom to come and go and provided a feeling that someone cared and would be their advocate. Many good memories were made in those two homes and many lessons learned. To this day I am grateful.
Adapting to aging is one of the most consuming transitions in life. To help you meet the challenges of this transition a Care Consultant provides you and your caregiver with resources, education, tools and the freedom to look at your goals and create your own plan.
With a lifetime career as a Registered Nurse, Jeannette has knowledge and experience to help you navigate the challenges. Most importantly she will listen to you in order to gain understanding of your concerns and support your plans to enable life with quality. Planning for this stage in your life is as important as the planning you do/did for your retirement. Living well, aging well not only means having a plan. It means having a well-informed plan that includes:
·          Getting organized before needs escalate.
·          Communicating your plan with family.
·          Navigating the healthcare system.
·          Caring for yourself and caring for a family member.
With 42 years’ experience in Registered Nursing and 9 years as a Certified Care Consultant, Jeannette has been trained and uses her many skills and experiences to work with you side by side to enable you to prepare for the time in your life when you can’t do it alone.
On the personal side, Jeannette recently moved from Grand Marais, MN and now lives in Duluth with her husband and their cockapoo Maggie. They are grandparents with seven grandchildren ages 9- 2. During Jeannette's free time, she makes sour dough bread from scratch. She also has a passion for researching and using local plants and herbs for her own personal needs.
With a love for being present with the water, trees, plants, rocks, and people of the North, she and her husband plan to make Duluth their home.