Age Well Arrowhead Transportation Services

Easy and affordable transportation.

Transportation is a large obstacle for seniors wishing to be independent.  Without groceries, rides to medical appointments, or the ability to attend a local event, seniors are less likely to be able to remain in their home.  

Senior Wheels is a volunteer supported program that provides rides to and from medical, dental and essential well-being appointments for adults age 60 and older medical, dental and essential well-being appointments. 

Other transportation services includes running errands such as prescription refills, shopping, paying bills, or other non medical needs.


Eligibilty Requirements

  • Able to walk alone or with the aid of a walker.
  • Not on Medical Assistance.
  • Unable to drive yourself, do not have caregivers who are able to transport you, and you do not qualify for other transportation programs.
  • Need transportation to a medical appointment in the area.

Set up Transportation

  • You must call Age Well Arrowhead at least 5-7 business days before a scheduled appointment.
  • All rides must be scheduled through Age Well Arrowhead.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will ask you for information about yourself and your transportation needs.
  • Please inform the Volunteer Coordinator of any changes or details about your appointment that may assist the driver.
  • The driver transports you to your appointment and waits to drive you home.

Errands Include

  • Bank
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Grocery Store
  • Pay Bills
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Shopping
  • Other non medical needs

Age Well Arrowhead Vaccination Transportation 

Age Well Arrowhead cannot guarantee the availability of drivers in your area.  Please have a plan for other transportation if needed.

The cost for transportation services for medical and non medical appointments are offered through packages.   Call for details to find a package that fits your budget.

I need a ride.

Contact us to schedule a ride or call (218) 623-7800 .

I am interested in other services.

Clients often need more than one service.  Click the button to the right to find out all the services we offer here at Age Well Arrowhead.